NUO has set the stage for a new level of luxury travel experiences with the opening of this 5 star flagship property - NUO Beijing. With a design inspired by the prosperous Ming Dynasty, NUO is the perfect example of tradition blending in harmony with the future of contemporary China. Located in Chaoyang District at Lido, this ‘Modern Ming’ hotel is close to Wangjing business area and next to Art Zone 798, where the city’s dynamic artistic environment awaits exploration.

A lifestyle destination with 439 spacious rooms and suites, NUO also features a tea pavilion, 6 restaurants and bars, Day Spa and one of the city’s largest and most sophisticated special event venues, including an impressive 1,600 square metre Grand Ballroom. As art, literature and music are the ultimate expression of culture, NUO proudly positions it center stage of the guest experience in striking ways, including a showcase of four masterpieces created exclusively for NUO by record-breaking Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi.

NUO also has a commitment to being green and smart, so also features a sophisticated air purification system and has achieved gold-level certification from the world-renowned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Welcome to NUO – a unique property with a golden promise to be the new heart of Chinese hospitality.